Observing the interest generated by two-seater planes at various shows and exhibitions generated the idea of constructing a copy of another Rubik design, the 'Cimbora' dual control trainer, which was the first such glider ever built in Hungary. Until the discontinuation of her use in 1951 sixty copies were built. Unfortunately, according to the policy of the contemporary authorities, every copy of discontinued types had to be destroyed. Consequently, not a single 'Cimbora' survived, not even as museum exhibits.

Fortunately the relevant design documentation was preserved, so there was no insurmountable difficulty to stop the planned reconstruction. The work started in 1982, and was finished by 1984, in time to take part in an international meeting in Holland.

Being a two-seater was another reason for her popularity, because this way everybody can find out for himself what it feels like to ride the wind while being exposed to it.

Technical data:
Wing-span: 15 m
Length of the plane: 7,7 m
Weight of the empty plane: 240 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 420 kg
Glide ratio: 1:17